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New Book 2015: Reading Workshop 2.0

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Reading the Visual
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This website is designed to support the artistic and educational endeavors of Dr. Frank Serafini. 

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Educational Platform Statement:

Making sense of the world is a basic human process. Education should not get in the way of this process.

Literacy is the process of generating meanings in transaction with multimodal ensembles, including written text, visual images and design elements, from a variety of perspectives to meet the requirements of particular social contexts.

There is no such thing as a child that hates reading, just children that have not found the right book. 

Great teaching is an art, not a scripted program to be followed. With autonomy comes responsibility. Until teachers treat teaching as a profession and not a job, they will never be treated as professionals.

Teaching and education are highly political actions.

There is nothing as practical as some good theory.

Constructive Irreverance is Key: Question Everything

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